Baker accepts task punishment without appeal

Rapper and vlogger Crook is down at the community service of twenty hours before the destruction of a police car.

He cannot appeal. "Crook accepts all consequences of his act", tells his supervisor Ali B to the AD.

"The appeal is based on a misunderstanding. His lawyer asked if he had to be postponed. That came Bailey be fine from because he is currently very busy. But Bailey did not understand that this meant that he was going to appeal. He wanted that at all, "continues Ali B.

Bailey has had a conversation with Albert Springer Thursday in Amsterdam of the Dutch Police Federation, which previously expressed indignation about the announced an appeal. Springer speaks of a "conversation". They posed together at the end for a friendly photo.

The 24-year-old Crook was Wednesday sentenced to community service of twenty hours. He jumped in Zoetermeer twice in a police car while his friends watched.

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