Five arrests in murder case photojournalist FOLDER

The Directorate General of national security (DGSN) has announced the arrest of five suspects yesterday evening in connection with the investigation into the murder of Photojournalist of the Moroccan news agency MAP.

The police in Temara arrested Thursday evening, in cooperation with the services of Moroccan domestic intelligence service (DGST), five suspects. Two of them were directly involved in the murder of premeditation of the photojournalist Hassan Shimi, gives an explanation to the DGSN. They are also accused of robbery.

The two suspects who would be directly involved in the murder were arrested in Meknes and Sidi Kacem, after their identity was determined on the basis of the forensic analysis of fingerprints and physical and biological evidence that on the scene of the crime is found. Personal business that from the House of the victim have been stolen, were found in their possession, according to the source.

The police in Temara reported Wednesday night that the body of the deceased was found in his apartment in Temara. Were clear traces of violence, the body sat at a Chair fastened with tape and showed signs of strangulation. The House was also in a big mess left behind. Field research and technical expertise led to the arrests in this case.

The two directly involved and three others are in custody and the investigation, under the supervision of the public prosecutor, will be further prosecuted to the motives and circumstances of the crime.

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