Marwan Kenzari grabs lead in Netflix movie

Marwan Kenzari is soon to be seen in the lead role of the Netflix-espionage film The Angel. That reports The Hollywood Reporter Friday.

The film tells about the life of Ashraf Marwan, the son-in-law of Egyptian president Nasser and Special Advisor to his successor Sadat. Marwan was a spy of Israel and knew that way crucial information that politics had far-reaching consequences. The Angel is directed by Ariel great religionists. The screenplay is by David Arata (Children of Men), based on the novel about the life of the spy. Find the recordings this summer in London, and Bulgaria.

Kenzari played the last few years in many Hollywood movies. So he shared the cloth with Morgan Freeman in the remake of Ben-Hur, he is soon to see alongside Tom Cruise in "The Mummy" and worked with Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac to the drama The Promise, on the Armenian genocide.

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