Dinosaur fossils found in phosphate my Khouribga

The dinosaurs would kind of no less than 66 million years ago!

A remarkable find was done recently in a phosphate mine in Sidi Chennane, a place near Khouribga. There were found the fossil remains of a dinosaur. It would reportedly going to a Chennanisaurius barbaricus, a species that lived some 66 million years ago last. Opposite the Moroccan medium Le360 let researcher from the natural history museum of Paris, Nourredine Jalil, on the special find. The kind who would formerly very limited recently found have been present on the African continent, according to Jalil is this the last species that lived in Africa.

Even before this fossil found there was also another type of dinosaurs unearthed, this was a herbivore. This find confirms according to Jalil yet again the difference in types between Africa and America. These remains will be dug up and then make part of the collection of the national phosphate company in Khouribga.

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