Ex-Guantanamo Bay prisoner Chekkouri for 5 years behind bars in Morocco

This time Chekkouri not associated with terrorism, but with membership of a criminal organization.

Younes Chekkouri can turn a number of years in jail wear off. After 14 years in Guantanamo Bay because of suspicion of direct ties to terrorist organization Al Qaeda, running now for a completely different offense on Chekkouri. According to the Moroccan news agency MAP has Chekkouri a judge recently 5 years imprisonment over itself hear exclaim, this because of membership of a criminal organization. The first case was in the hands of the Court in sale was soon taken over by the Court of appeal in Rabat. Reason for this was that the judges in Salé had come to the conclusion not to get a proper judgment in this case.

From 2001 to september 2015 Chekkouri sat stuck in Cuba. After all these years without any formal indictment of the Americans he could return to Morocco. After thorough research and a long-term process determined the Court in sale that the 47-year-old man on bail. It is known also that the defence of Chekkouri appeal against this recent ruling.