Increasing concerns about fate Syrian refugees at border Algeria

Both Human Rights Watch as a Moroccan expert believe that action should be taken.

The humanitarian doctor Ibbo Lahna is there for quite some time with it in his stomach, the circumstances in which the expelled refugees in the buffer zone with the border of Algeria. The Group of 55 refugees was recently put on a shameful way expelled from the country by neighboring Algeria and struggle to survive already 2 weeks in inhospitable area. Lahna is opposite the Moroccan medium Huffington Post on the issue: ' despite the help they get from the inhabitants of Figuig and Bouarfa life they currently still under very poor conditions. It is necessary that the authorities of both countries must be addressed for this 55 people. '

The Group of 55 refugees consists of 41 Syrians from Homs and 14 Kurds (20 in total of which 2 pregnant women and 22 children). Apart from human rights activists in Morocco bends the well-known Human Rights Watch itself on the issue. They stated recently that Morocco to 9 persons has provided access to the country via visas. This would be the spokesman for the refugee agency of Morocco.

One of the refugees would be taken to Human Rights Watch the course of the expulsion have explained. "The locals helped us when we wanted to come within Morocco, however we were soon stopped by the Moroccan border police. This sent us back to Algeria, after having spent the night outside, we were also ejected by the Algerians. Now we are stranded in no-man's land ".

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