Emergency landing in Brussels by plane from Casablanca by heart attack pilot

A flight from Casablanca to Brussels ended without captain. Who got just before landing a heart attack. The co-pilot crashed almost panic in the plane on the runway of the airport Charleroi.

Sixty passengers on board a flight from Casablanca to Brussels Belgian escaped a true death, the newspaper Assabah said in the weekend edition.

The pilot got a heart attack while the plane flew over Europe. The co-pilot had first no idea, as the plane flew in the autopilot. It was only at the time of a small disturbance, and he tried to warn the pilot, the co-pilot realized that the pilot still was.

The co-pilot crashed almost panic in the airplane on the runway. The bottom of the plane hit the asphalt and caused a lot of material damage, the newspaper said. The passengers were scared, but were allowed to leave the plane before the arrival of the rescue services. They were eventually evacuated without any problem.

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