Noteworthy: Benatia scolded for ' Moroccan bastard ' during live broadcast channel RAI (video)

During a live broadcast got the Juventus Defender hurled racist remarks to his head.

After 1-1 tie last night during the city derby with Torino Defender Medhi Benatia Centre was the press, so also the famous Italian television channel RAI. At one point seems to get through his earpiece, something Benatia by several Italian sources report that something would be said along the lines of ' what are you talking about, Moroccan bastard. ' Right before that gave Benatia to the questionable retreat of opponent Acquah after 2 violations understandable way.

The international calls right away who it has said quite rightly, the host in the studio doing it off by saying that there would be technical problems and someone in the stadium was that Benatia would have scolded. After that, the conversation with Benatia degrade quickly. In all likelihood, and this is also confirmed by Italian sources, someone forgot to turn off his microphone technique before he uttered the insult.

[video = youtube; sTkpAfUjNYs] v = sTkpAfUjNYs [/video]

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