Boko Haram let 82 kidnapped girls smoking

The terrorist group Boko Haram has released more than three years ago Saturday 82 girls who were abducted from a school in the town of Chibok in Northern Nigeria. That Nigerian Government officials have said.

The girls are exchanged against an unknown number of members of Boko Haram that trapped in Nigeria. Prior to the release went months of negotiations, in which Switzerland and the International Red Cross played an important role.

The relief organization reports as a neutral intermediary to have ensured a safe transfer of the girls. "In addition, we now of course for the medical and psychological support they need now and that they can be United with their parents as soon as possible '', a spokeswoman for the Red Cross.

It is so far the largest group of girls who has been released by the approximately 220 were kidnapped in april 2014. A score was released in October after negotiations. A handful of others managed to escape or were released.

President Muhammadu Buhari will receive the freed girls Sunday. Buhari last month let the Government know that "constant '' was working for the release of the girls" and other abducted persons ''.

Boko Haram performs in the northeast of Nigeria and the border region of Niger, Chad and Cameroon battle for an Islamic State. By the violence, thousands of people lost their lives and more than two million people fled.

Although the Nigerian Army has recaptured large areas on the terrorist organisation, the danger is not yet over in many places. The region is regularly rocked by attacks and suicide bombings. This allows displaced Nigerians tend not to return to their homes.

Also, some 4.7 million people in the northeast of the country dependent on food aid, which is sometimes stolen before the ailing citizens can achieve. The authorities fear that the situation will further worsen as the rainy season begins this month.

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