Casablanca: two people arrested that forbidden stuff to hooligans sold

The police of the headquarters in Casablanca on Saturday morning two persons were arrested suspected of accessories and tools sold that came with violence during sporting events are used, according to a statement of the Directorate-General of the National Safety (DGNS).

Those arrested (28 and 37 years old) works in a kiosk that sell snacks and drinks in the Mohammed V Complex. They were arrested for selling prohibited accessories that hooligans would use during matches of football clubs, said the same source.

The police arrested on april 28, had five individuals involved in the same network are concerned, they had 1242 psychotropic tablets, smoke bombs and masks. Research showed that the defendants had used a sewer of the Mohammed V Complex to the goods to smuggle.

All suspects are in custody, reports Lefr360.

mohammed v complex