Yes-R gives more price because of Fame

Yes-R would reveal less of themselves on social media as he was not familiar.

In the new programme What The #Hack?! He points the audience on the dark side of Facebook and Twitter. "My excuse is that I am artist," says the presenter and rapper Monday in the Telegraph.

"It is difficult as Somewhere I should give that message," says Yes-R. He wants the viewers of What The #Hack?!, that starting from Monday evening on NPO 3, say to be careful with tweets and post. "To me, everything very public on social media." According to Yes-R is needed, because he "as an artist wants to reach as many people as possible". "But if I was unknown, I'd probably be a lot more careful."

The presenter and rapper was terrified of what people like parts. "Facebook can best creepy," he concluded. "People are allowed to become more agile. I can still remember that you already hip enough was if you could call and text. Compare that to what we nowadays all with our phones can. That also has consequences. "

What impacts are let ya see in What The #Hack?!, in which people in the grind are taken on the basis of their post on social media. For example, a burglary staged at a girl who shares her daily activities from minute to minute and get a boy the fright of his life if it turns out that his blind date all of everything about him know.

According to Yes-R, which stresses that there is no unacceptable, things happen that scare the candidates have a hat. "But they also find it especially nice that they have learned something and that they others Similarly a message. In all cases they were grateful. "

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