Photojournalist FOLDER kills for 120,000 dirham

Hassan Safir was at a cost of 120,000 dirhams of his life robbed by two of his friends.

The reconstruction of the murder last Saturday revealed that the murder was committed by two of his "good" friends. These two defendants were at the reconstruction. If motive came forward that they wanted to steal from him 120,000 dirham, reports the newspaper Assabah today.

Shimi had already indicated that he this amount to one of the two friends wanted to lend out. In the head of that friend however, germinated the idea that he shouldn't have to give back the money if he killed Shimi. He told his idea to the other friend and together they decided to kill to Shimo.

On the day of the tragedy they took contact with the victim and asked him if they could spend the evening with him. Without hesitation went Shimi agree to receive them. After dinner, the two friends their plan in progress, they tied up their host stuck to a chair while they searched the bedroom looking for the sum of money.

The accused told that Shimi called for help and they had been gagged his mouth for that reason. Because he continued to resist they would have given him two hits against his head. When they could not find the sum of money they would have left the apartment quietly, not to attract attention of the neighbors. They took 2 cell phones and a small amount of money when Shimi on bag.

The accused said they believed that the victim, who had lost his consciousness would regain his consciousness by the hits,.

Five suspects were arrested a day after the murder. Three of them, however, will probably be released soon, because research has shown that they have nothing to do with the murder. They do however part of the same close circle of friends, but were not bites skirts in the murder.

The other two defendants, who were present at the reconstruction, will be prosecuted for murder with premeditation and robbery, they are currently awaiting trial in prison in sale.

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