Assistance discount for wearing niqab allowed

A muslimah who during a work training refused her gezichtsbedekkende clothes (niqab), should be cut on her national assistance benefit.

The chance is very small that they will find work quickly if they continues to wear a niqab, the Central Board of appeal in Utrecht Tuesday in a judgment. "As a result, unnecessary pressure is placed on public resources," according to the highest judge in the area of social administrative law.

The concerned had filed a complaint about a discount of 30 percent on its national assistance benefit for two months because they had refused repeatedly during a work training her niqab off. That discount was her imposed by the city of Utrecht.

In the trade off between the right to freedom of religion and finding and keeping work that must last more important, according to the verdict. It is likely "that in the current social context wearing a niqab clogging works in finding work," said the Council.

Therefore is a violation of the right to freedom of religion, namely a ban on wearing a niqab during a work training, "necessary in the interests of the protection of the rights and freedoms of others".

The issue has been playing since 2013, when the woman by the Department of work and income of the municipality of Utrecht was signed up for a work training. When she repeatedly refused her niqab off, she was not allowed. The offer to be allowed to wear a head scarf, be they. It was decided on a penalty discount. The Central Board of appeal mentions that temporary, partial reduction "without more proportional".