New show Yes-R pulls 132,000 viewers

The first broadcast of Yes-R's new program What The #Hack?! 132,000 viewers Monday night has drawn, sign Stichting Kijkonderzoek. In the NPO 3 programme the rapper warns viewers for the possible effects of social media.

"People are allowed to become more agile. I can still remember that you already hip enough was if you could call and text. Compare that to what we nowadays all with our phones can. That also has consequences, "said Yes-R there Monday morning still over in the Telegraph.

In What The #Hack?! He expresses people with their nose on the facts. Candidates are facing their indiscretion on the internet. For example, a boy a blind date with someone who turns out to know everything about him and a burglary is staged at a girl that her daily life almost minute by minute shares with her followers online.

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