300 African migrants stormed Melilla border crossing (video)

100 African migrants managed to enter the Spanish enclave of Melilla this morning by the high border barrier to climb over.

"The incident happened around 7:00 hours (local time), it was a very large group of about 300 sub-Saharan migrants, of which about 100 I managed to enter Melilla," said a spokesman for the Spanish Civil Guard.

Three agents of the Civil Guard were lightly injured after they were omgeduwd were fallen, and one of them was hit by a hook that use the migrants over the fence to climb. The authorities in Melilla said in a written statement that the migrants threw stones at the officers and damaged several vehicles of the Guardia Civil.

The Red Cross provided three migrants "with small injuries, bruises and small cuts," said a spokesman in Mellilia.

The last massive attempt to enter Melilla was October 2016, when hundred African migrants succeeded the 3 fences to climb over.

The two outer fences are more than six metres high and have barbed wire and sharp blades, despite warnings of civil society about the injuries they cause.

Since the beginning of the year, the other Spanish enclave, Sebta, regularly stormed by African migrants. In February 850 migrants, succeeded in just four days time, erin to the fences, reports Lefr360.

Spain announced in early March that the capacity of reception centres for migrants in these two enclaves has doubled, the number of places has been increased from 4500 to 8500.

FaroTV Melilla sent some images of joyful migrants in the streets of Melilla:

[video = youtube; XccGD4AxZwI] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = XccGD4AxZwI [/video]