Germany opens centers in Morocco to curb underage Moroccans coming

The country is trying through preventive measures even more influx of this group a halt.

From that leaked documents that the German daily Tageszeitung got is that at the German Government devoted to underage Moroccan immigrants outside the door. Apart from the return of these immigrants would be no less than 2 centres be opened in Morocco, entirely funded by the German Government. This would reportedly involve $1,050,000, Tageszeitung reports.

This remarkable information was for the German press of course rise to knock at the Government. In various announcements and releases the plan echoed. With this intention the Government would all motives for a departure to Europe and Germany in particular, therefore want to take away. The centers should provide each place for 100 persons and the implementation of which to be borne by the German immigration service also feature a a BAMF wear next to a medical educational function for the minor target group. Tageszeitung endorses that the local youth, which is not directly under the target group, use might make the services it offers.

Last calendar year up to 3,999 Moroccans asked asylum in the country, there were only 174 of these green light for their application of the German immigration.