Graduates in Morocco situation worrying, labour market access remains extremely limited

Distressing is the fact that uneducated faster access to the labour market than graduates.

The still missing connection between graduation and move on to the labour market remains a major problem in Morocco. Recent figures by the Central Planning Office of Morocco, the HCP (Haut Commissariat au Plan), it becomes clear how worrisome is the current situation for students who just graduated. No less than 18.5% of that group is currently unemployed at home, this while the national unemployment rate is 10.7%. Very surprising is that citizens who are unskilled or at least a very low education better, of them is only 4.3%.

The difference is relatively small but rather draws the strange situation on the Moroccan labour market, namely an increase in unemployment in cities facing a decline in the more rural regions. Unemployment in the city went in the beginning of this calendar year from 15% to 15.7%, while there is a decrease in the countryside: by 4.2% to 4.1%. At national level, the unemployment rate of 10.4% to 10.7%.

To some extent the civil courage to speak, both from business and from the Government is trying to create work in different sectors. Since the beginning of 2016 came more than 109,000 jobs exist at national level. Especially in the industrial sector, agriculture, fisheries and, last but not least, the services sector is the effort to create jobs is greatest.

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