12 Dutch school girls do reporting of sexual assault in Belgium

Twelve girls from a school in the North Brabant Eersel have reported sexual assault.

The girls sit on the Sadfg and were in the Belgian Mechelen for a school trip. According to the public prosecutor's Office in Mechelen, four perpetrators. Apart from the twelve girls from Netherlands, were also four Belgian girls assaulted.

The school spent Tuesday visiting museum Technopolis. There had the sexual assault. The four boys, two of thirteen and two of fourteen years, according to the Declaration the breasts and buttocks of the girls groped. Police have identified them in the museum, but they were allowed to go home afterwards. They sit on a school in the Flemish tree.

The foursome is questioned at a later date. "It's going to be indecent assault. The juvenile parquet goes that investigations and the guys an appropriate punishment, "said parquet spokesman Lieselotte Camacho Wednesday by the REUTERS.

sexual assault