Morocco without Munir against Orange, club gives first choice Renard not free

National coach Herve Renard will against Dutch team must do without the undisputed number one keeper, Munir.

During the friendly against the Dutch national team coach Herve Renard from the end of this month can not rely on its first choice under the crossbar, goalkeeper Munir of CD Numancia. The 28-year-old goalkeeper who during the last international games and Africa Cup by Renard was chosen over Y Girona CF, Bale is not released by his club because of the fact that the match takes place on a non-FIFA date. Remarkable at this choice is that the international no first choice more is at Numancia. After his return from the Africa Cup of Nations got the successful for him by Villareal received Aitor Fernandez.

That Munir on the couch ended up would have everything to do with the fact that he would have laid aside contractsvoorstellen of Numancia. To get some close to the post to be able to earn is to his employment with the-Division 2-extend, this formation is currently running until the summer of 2018. If there is what playing in the background at Munir, offers from other clubs, is not known.

For the logical stand in of Munir, Y Ball, it is also doubtful whether his club will let him travel to Agadir for the Dutch team. In contrast to its direct competitor at the Lions v/d Atlas he is now called basic player.

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