Glory Collision 41: press conference staredown and Verhoeven vs. Laide (video)

This afternoon the press conference and of course all the staredown, this time slightly less spectacular than during Rico vs. Badr.

Many kickboksliefhebber can look forward to in the coming time still a heated pot, on 20 may, 41 on the program with the most beautiful Glory Collision poster: Lafrance vs. Verhoeven. In the brabanthallen in's-Hertogenbosch it should all come to pass, the same place where the press conference took place this afternoon between these 2 and other participants in this edition. Something less explosive and sensational that it going on to stars than during Rico vs. Badr, was there this time though a staredown done strikingly calm.

Both opponents spoke full of praise and respect about each other and confirmed huge to this party to look forward to. So ditch Rico Verhoeven the press time off with the following about his upcoming opponent: "what I find very clever, is that Ismael, despite its length, a good way of fighting against big guys. He has a certain action, whereby those guys are shot quickly not seen it coming. And he gets they thereby also knock-out. Which I find very clever, really respect. '

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