Beauty and lifestyle inspiration: Sun kissed summer look!

The summer is coming! That means that the Sun again for some color in our face.

With the warm weather will perspire more and keeps our skin the makeup is no longer fixed. Half of a day it melted and there is not more by remaining. How can you prevent this? Or more accurately; How you create a look that is?

For a summer look have you don't need much. By the Sun you get a healthy hue. But you would of course still some on do to finish it off. We will help you create the perfect look to .

Mascara is at almost all women an indispensable product. The makes a nice look right away. But with the warm (hopefully) tropical weather in the summer you have the chance that your makeup will melt. With the mascara is then an idea to a waterproof variant to choose from. Often there is of each brand and each collection a waterproof mascara that you used variant are. The by the brand Kiko Milano is a beautiful attraction, which makes for a nice rolling over effect. In addition, the price too great, for €7.95 you've got him already scored!

Foundation is often already halfway through the day melted away by the sweat of your face. This will result in spots in the face and make sure you very will gleam. In the summer it is wise to have a Foundation to use on powder basis. This makes for a Matt effect and will disappear less quickly than a liquid foundation. The of MAC cosmetics with an SPF 20 is a tremendous asset, because with a cover that stays to ten hours and a matte finish you can of course not to be missed. For €35.50 you have this already inside. Preferably, we of course have no foundation in the summer months, but this is a great alternative!

A is the best ingredient for a glowy summer skin. A nice bronzer with some glitter is often sufficient to you look finish. The Sun makes a blush unnecessary, the red glow you have of mother nature all gift! A beautiful addition to your makeup collection is the of Flormar, for only €11.90! You have the variant with a highlighter and bronzer bronzer variant in which a blush is processed. It just depends on what you'll be fine finds, both have a nice effect with no orange undertones. Ideal!

For the lips are light colors recommended. The of Freedom Pro have nice bright colors for a whopping €5.95! This you can score at Boozyshop or the Kruidvat.

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