The U.S. Army wants soldiers learn Darija

The U.S. military has the Moroccan authorities requested their staff to help the Moroccan culture and language (Darija).

The American military institutions have requested information on the costs and the educational program. If the plan is carried out, the American soldiers will start with learning Darija in Rabat, reports the daily newspaper Al Akhbar.

The newspaper reported that the U.S. military has shown interest to Darija in the curricula of its staff.

The Moroccan Darija is currently not part of the curricula of the "Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) in California, the most important language center of the U.S. military. The Arab dialects in the Centre are taught are Egyptian, Iraqi, Levantine and Sudanese.

The U.S. military may have more interest in learning Darija since the two countries annual military maneuvers in the joint military exercise "African Lion", which most recently in april in the South of Morocco place found.

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