Rabat: treatment units launched with specialized classes for children with autism

The Moroccan ' Overcoming Autism Autism Society ' has treatment units launched with specialized classes for children with autism.

The initiative, in cooperation with Rabat's regional Education Department, is part of the new Futuroschool in Rabat for children with mental disorder.

"The concept is an unprecedented initiative, developed with the support of a specialized scientific committee. The goal is to structure the behavior of autistic children ", said the Autism Association against the Moroccan persburau folder. "The project is designed to meet the needs of the parents of autistic children, who suffer from the lack of care facilities and trained professionals", added the Association.

With the hope to improve the condition of autistic children, the Association has theoretical and practical training courses set up for parents of autistic children and professionals working in institutions and associations for autistic children.

Autism is currently affects one in 50 births in Morocco, leaving more than 600,000 people with the mental condition in the country, reports Moroccoworldnews.

Autism in Morocco is rarely mentioned in the press and media, except for a few annual articles that are published on 2 april to celebrate the international day of autism.

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