Morocco-Cameroon narrowly draw Young during the Islamic Solidarity Games (video)

In the Baku Azerbaijan v Atlas Lions remained on the same level stitches against opponent Cameroon.

After the earlier 1-0 win at group enjoyed Saudi Arabia last week, got the team of Jamal Sachdeva recently their peers from Cameroon for itself. It had nearly ended the match but equally Young Morocco empty-handed, after trailing in the first half already on 1-0 being hit was Hamza Goudali OCS Safi which the score leveled out last minute. Could the young attacker from a sublime cross in the 91st minute note mercilessly hard-side position.

With at present 4 points from 2 matches on bag is going to now be ready for the third and final group game against host country Azerbaijan.

[video = youtube; yc18ppdzdfY] v = yc18ppdzdfY [/video]

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