Electric buses in Rabat from 2018

Electric buses with less polluting technologies are already in 2018 in Rabat in the circulation.

The Mayor of the municipality of Rabat, Mohamed S, it has announced. The Mayor, who spoke at a symposium on "smart cities" on the Agdal-Ryad Spring Festival, said that the capital since 2014 is working on this mega-modernization project.

According to S have some other energy-saving changes have taken place, particularly in the public lighting, whose intensity now managed to cost and save energy.

Morocco has signed an agreement in 2016 on the occasion of the visit of King Mohammed VI to China to manufacture electric buses in Morocco with a Chinese company, reports HuffPostMaroc.

To do this, the Moroccan bank BCP is connected to the Chinese industrial bus manufacturer Yangtse Ltd. and SIE (an energy unit trust for the development of renewable energy). The agreement covers an amount of 1.2 billion dirham to an industrial unit that produces electric buses to finance in Morocco for a start in 2017.

According to Ahmed Baroudia, the Director-General of SIE, will electric vehicles reduce dependence on oil in the country and the Moroccan cities enable to improve air quality through reduced pollution.