Staggering growth in mobile internet use Morocco, 18.3 million users

A rapid development on the Moroccan market for mobile telephony.

The razzmatazz of Moroccan telecom providers you can already deduce that this market is booming, recent figures from Morocco's telecom regulator ANRT endorse this rapid development. The ANRT recently published the figures for the first quarter of this calendar year, it is clear that already the number of users compared to last year (over the coming year for PIN) explosive increases: an increase of 1.15 million users what representing a growth rate of more than 21%.

Also in Morocco seems consumers very satisfied with this not so long ago launched internet speed. Since december 2016 is the number of users of a 4 g network increased to 3.4 million, an increase of no less than 21% in such a relatively short period.

Not in, the number of consumers what a subscription. As many as 38.68 million Moroccans still prefer the prepaid upgrade above a monthly subscription (3.1 million consumers).

The number of mobile internet users overall, not just tapped at the end of 2016 according to the ANRT the 41.5 million.

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