Royal Air Maroc responds to controversial movie ' dissatisfied ' customer (video)

Now the reading of the airline itself over the last few days the movie what went viral on social media.

Royal Air Maroc recently communicated via the official channels a press release in which it gave its reading of the much talked-about movie of a customer who would be disadvantaged by the airliner. In the video which was massively shared on social media was a woman in hysterical to see who are fooled felt by RAM. It was clear that there is something wrong would have gone at the bookings whereby one of her young children could not count on the flight to Switzerland. After several times to have contacted employees of Royal Air Maroc to Casablanca airport and have been referred to a nearby Office was the of the pillar to post gestuur the woman too much, making them her discontent in a very extreme way expressed.

Where in the video it became clear that the woman, accompanied by her sister and her 2 young children wanted to take the flight, RAM with other facts on the table. The customer would not 2 but 3 babies on board want to bring along, here were also reserved for airline tickets. Since the husband, who does not appear in the story of the woman, could not because he had forgotten his passport could there but 2 babies on board. RAM relies on the international aviation regulations for safety reasons for each baby who had travelled alongside an adult requirements.

Even though the woman both verbally and non-verbally aggressive fielded opposite the personnel of RAM, she was given the opportunity to yet another adult for the 3rd baby. In doing so, she would then be spared paying any additional charges.

It is still unclear how the whole incident is over.

[video = youtube; 4qFSjJvhsAk] v = 4qFSjJvhsAk [/video]

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