Facebookactie to release Moroccan businesswoman Hind Achchabi

After almost a year of freedom must be handed in, put in an action group for the release of the businesswoman.

Owner of the successful Dalia Development Group, Hind El Achchabi and businessman Karim Bennani are already since 11 August of last calendar year locked up after a complaint about alleged adultery. The pair is trapped in the prison of Salé, following a complaint filed by the husband of El Achchabi. She is married to the Kuwaiti diplomat Sadeq Saleh Mohamed Marafi, based in Vienna.

After initially to have been sentenced to 3 years in prison was this appeal later reduced to 2 years imprisonment. The other convicted, Karim Bennani, gave up only 7 months. Counsel for El Achchabi gave recently in front of the Moroccan medium Le360 to itself not to be able to find in the discretion of the Court, they would just be married in Mali. |

Recently started an action among other things via Facebook to do, on the one hand, a message of support to the business woman to send and, on the other hand, on release.

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