Wali of Al Hoceima speaks out on the unrest Sowers

The wali thinks there's a totally wrong picture of Al Hoceima is outlined, by for him apparent appearance-protesters.

The wali of the Al Hoceima region, Tangier and Tetouan recently spoke out about the bad image that continuously pops up about Al Hoceima. According to the wali, Mohamed Y, does all this have to do with the influence of social media and the recent demonstrators who, especially in that city prominently. In front of the Moroccan news agency MAP he also agitated on the situation: ' it is tried everything to the years of work of the local and higher authorities. '

The wali dare talking to FOLDER even the word poison in the mouth as he describes the poor Imaging. "Those who are behind this are strongly deny or do not know of any projects there since 2015 all here are, inter alia, the initiative by King Mohamed VI. '

Y concludes his speech by saying that the situation in Al Hoceima some so very know to exaggerate that set fire to the city would stand by all social problems.

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