Authorities arrest 3 Fes Cameroonian suspects for violent robbery and manslaughter

The authorities came the triad on the track after tips from observant citizens.

After the first suspect to have been detained by tips from observant citizens, it did not take long before the other 2 in the collar could conceive. These were found just in time at the train station of Fez, in all likelihood, they wanted to flee the city as soon as possible. The trio is currently suspected to have raided 3 supermarkets, at one of those actions is significantly damaged a guard. So much so that he, as can be read in a press release from police-organization DGSN, to come later died in a nearby hospital.

At the arrest of the first suspect was very incriminating evidence found: a large knife and different phones and tablets (all possible stolen).

The suspects, all three coming from Cameroon, is not known whether they also about residence documents. The case is still under investigation.