visitors: Eagles ' Best Season ' Moroccan Premier League player v/h

Recently the international even though by associated press and Football Inside voted best player v/h season!

As you no doubt noticed the past few days, there was a election open on our Facebook page for ' the best Moroccan Eredivisie player v/h season '. Here our visitors could choose from all of Moroccan origin players active in the highest level of Netherlands. Sunday afternoon, on the last matchday of the League, incidentally, was only known who would be champion. In this election it was none other than Feyenoord-highly holder Karim El Ahmadi-winning, also fixed value in midfield by Morocco.

As said you had a choice of all Moroccan players active in the Eredivisie. Based on the number of votes we have a top-5 ranking, which is as follows:

2. HaZiyech: 18.8% of the voices
3. Sofyan Amrabat: 10.0% of the voices
4. Abdelhak Nouri: 7.30% of the voices
5. Y Ayoub: 6.50% of the voices

Moroccans today colors the Eredivisie. Where it used to Aziz Delarue was who was the first Moroccan within the lines was on the highest level of Netherlands, nowadays the football landscape strongly influenced by this Moroccan professionals. Week after week, they make the difference, as we see every time but what the contribution of a Karim El Ahmadi or Hakim Ziyech means for Feyenoord and Ajax respectively. We hope as a sports editorial that the Premier League remains a breeding ground for the coming seasons Moroccan talent and this ultimately can be propagated in the Moroccan national team.

karim el ahmadi