Moroccan prisoners in Spain costs about 500 dirham per day

The yearly rate is the number of Moroccan prisoners the Spanish Government about 550 million dirham.

The Trade Union for employees of judicial establishments in Spain, recently made the annual amount the ACAIP, known what the Moroccan prisoners cost. The average amount per Moroccan detainee is estimated at about 500 per day. With 3,125 Moroccans behind bars in the country that amounts to a yearly amount of around 550 million dirham.

A relatively high amount would you say for a prisoner, this is according to the ACAIP inter alia by the fact that the future is being worked within judicial establishments in Spain. Of the estimated 500 dirham goes most forward to food, medical care and insurance. Apart from these basic things is there as said also focused on the period after the release, various courses and training offered to the labour market opportunities for an ex-con.

It is also possible to work all during the detention and to receive salary. Income can be up to more than 600 euro per month, often earned from work in a small factory in the prison.