Research: ' as many as 73% of Moroccan children suffers from shortcomings '

Research showed that the 73.1% of Moroccan children suffers from deficiencies on at least one plane.

In cooperation with the Moroccan Observatory for human rights v did the Ministry of Family and Social Affairs Research shortcomings among the youth. It came a troubling given, so would a whopping 73.1% of the children at least one area affected by such shortcomings. This includes access to all basic things like education, the availability of clean drinking water, health care and also the holding of information.

The Moroccan medium Assabah know to report further on the basis of the results, and on the basis of previous information of UNICEF, that this phenomenon also occurs in many other Arab countries.

Habib Ouhali, State Secretary at the development of rural areas, says that this is due to the fact that more than a third of those children cannot read and write. This would only worsen the situation, according to him. The results of this research were presented in the presence of the Minister of this portfolio, Maryam Jafari El Hakkaoui.