ANRT: ' more than half of Moroccan families has fixed internet connection at home '

Also in Morocco starting the fixed internet connection at home to get more and more stature.

Morocco's telecom regulator ANRT recently did research on the presence of a fixed internet connection at Moroccan families at home. From a representative sample of respondents show that as many as 2,520 55% have a fixed internet connection. However, there is still a difference in the type of subscription is declined, so what makes most use of a type of subscription that only data in the sales package.

There is also looked at the frequency of use among men and women, here comes a percentage of 63.1% for the men in front of 53.5% for the women. Not very striking is to see also that the presence of an internet connection at home is more in the city than in rural or other inhospitable areas. In this study, the following relationship is held as the respondents: 1540 980 from the city and from the countryside.

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