Noteworthy: ' ignore ' final call puts Ziyech Renard

The associated press reports recently that the famous Ajax midfielder has thanks for his call for the Moroccan national team.

The Moroccan supporter is now very probably from the frying pan and into the fire, the ultimately abortive attempt calls from Hakim Ziyech can be called a. The associated press reports this afternoon that the nine-time-international call national coach Hervé Renard for the international games against Orange and Cameroon ignored. The newspaper reports the following on its website: Ziyech has made it clear that he really wants to play for his country, but not as long as Renard still at the helm at the national team. The player itself is currently not publicly in the discussion mixing, because he would draw all his attention on the match in Stockholm against Manchester United.

It is not the first time that the international are discontent by let shimmer on the Frenchman. Such a month ago opposite the NOS Ziyech expressed by saying that he, as long as Renard at the helm in the Moroccan national team, no longer wants to play for his homeland.

It is still waiting for an official communication from the Moroccan Football Federation, the management of the player and/or Ajax. It seems not unlikely that this refusal of the player in question there is finally a line through his name goes in the plans of the two-time African Cup winner Hervé Renard.

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