Glory Collision 41: Lafferty is handsome standing against winner Verhoeven

The fight already decided in advance what was predicted last night but lasted 5 rounds long.

Just a little less spectacular than the poster Hari vs. Verhoeven sat there last night no doubt many enthusiasts and interested people glued to the tube. The head party Laide vs. Verhoeven was made until around midnight, before that, however, we were able to enjoy many other parties with a striking number of Moroccan input. So was debutant on the Glory-gala, Zakaria Zouggary, one of the trendsetters of the evening. Convincing as he won his chastened Turkish opponent could Ya Suman.

The other eye-catching party was that between Tyjani Beztati (plays for Morocco) and the Moroccan Youssef Assouik originating from Denmark. With over and over again a knock-down was eventually was only 19-year-old growth brilliant Beztati that the longest straw. For both Beztati if Zouggary was a glorious future predicted by old K1-fighter Remy Bonjasky who during the evening the analyses did for Ziggo sports, together with Bas van Veenendaal.

In terms of entertainment value was pretty low, which both Verhoeven as Lafferty. It was scanning for both in the first rounds, it was clear that the Dutchman had the upper hand in the party. The flamboyant Lafferty came length deficit, despite this, he managed to take a number of times target by merciless hard Verhoeven in the face. Even more surprising was the resilience of the 26-year-old Moroccan, both the steps and Verhoeven's punches seemed hardly to have effect. Unfortunately for the Moroccan supporter I managed not to give that so deadly shot Lafferty where he is known for.

Despite the profit on decision of the jury for Verhoeven's what Lafferty has put down yet handsome. Five rounds long hold out without so much as even to falter and then take offensive initiative is already a feat in itself. A nice Glory debut, we must therefore conclude.

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