Ayoub singles with 't hart for Morocco but breaks nose against sc Heerenveen (video)

After all youth teams of Orange through State Ayoub now on the eve of a interlandcarriere at the Lions v/d Atlas.

So unhappy as could broke FC Utrecht midfielder Yassin Ayoub yesterday afternoon his nose in the European play-off match against sc Heerenveen. In all likelihood, so let him know in front of the Algemeen Dagblad, it will not have far-reaching consequences for his call for the Moroccan national football team for the games against Orange and Cameroon. ' I am dizzy, my nose is crooked. This is the third time I'm crushing. It is especially painful. I got a trap against. Tomorrow we look straighten or necessary. Once before have they not done that, that is why my nose always a little skewed. Anyway, we wait for the inquiry, then we look further what wisdom is. '

Ayoub is no stranger at the KNVB, the 23-year-old playmaker of Utrecht since U14 comes out for the representing youth teams of Orange to the juniors. Nevertheless, this did not lead to a call for the A-selection of the Dutch. Opposite Hans Kraaij Jr. of FOX Sports he's briefly about this choice.

[video = youtube; 2HfvenZ42A4] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = 2HfvenZ42A4 [/video]

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