Oh beautiful Palestine

For Muslims is to find a suitable destination for a holiday sometimes a bit difficult.

Contrary to what experience has shown, you can find all interesting destinations within the Arab world. Palestine for example, has a great history and beautiful religious sites.

When you hear the word "Palestine" do you think stuck mainly to war and destruction. However, it is characterized by a great diversity of places that you can visit, by hospitality that you normally in all Arab countries, by great food and the cheapest accommodations. In addition, you will never have to worry whether sufficient Halal food or Masjids in Palestine.

We can also help with improving our Palestinian brothers and sisters of tourism which will benefit the economy. Here are some great places that you could visit in Palestine:

If you are interested in picturesque natural landscapes is the village of Wadi AlBadan a great place to go once. The best period to visit this village is in the spring. The Valley is what the whole village in particular special. You can walk along the edges of the Valley and enjoy the view on the olive trees. Also there are many archaeological sites, including windmills and cemeteries.

The best period to visit the city of Jericho is in the summer as the garden restaurants for tourists are open. The most famous place in Jericho is the Hisham's Palace, an Islamic historic palace that was built by the Caliph Hisham in the Umayyad period. The Palace is filled with carved stones that represent the art of that period. It is considered as the most important archaeological monument in Palestine.

You might also be able to visit this charming city with her refreshing landscape. The city is known for its many olive trees. The diversity of the different places that you can visit make this town special. You can enjoy the beautiful nature in the Umm Al Rihan forest and looking around on an important archaeological site from the bronze age, Khirbet Belameh.

Nablus is a beautiful city that deserves more appreciation. You can visit the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Neopolis. The old town of Nablus has an impressive architecture; a market, mosques and traditional soap factories. You would be able to visit this ancient city, among other things, if you are interested in to find out more about the daily life of the Palestinians who live there.

The next time your family asks to go on vacation, set once Palestine as a destination for. In all cities you can find mosques and almost all food is halal. In addition, it is also our task to improve the Palestinian economy and tourism is a great way to do that.

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