Old central market Casablanca renamed modern and tourist area

If it is up to the policy makers in Casablanca is the old central market of the metropolis on the shovel and a modern tourist area instead.

There is reportedly some 15 million Moroccan dirham pumped in the project. The intention is that the old central market is going to be renovated and a gourmet-food market comes in its place, all this in accordance with international standards so let the contractor know opposite the Moroccan Casablanca Patrimoine medium Morocco World News. The intention is that the classic character of the market is maintained, if only because of the history of the area there.

It is expected that the project is completed by the end of 2018. Casablanca Patrimoine reports further that in determining the concept of foreign influences will be taken as those of the San Miguel market in Madrid Barcelona's Boqueria market. The company is also still working except with this project with the renovation of the Sacré Coeur Church of the city.

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