Lekjaa: ' assume that Ziyech simply reports in Agadir, if not it is his own responsibility ' (video)

After the notice of the associated press called Federal President Lekjaa Ziyech itself on the vote to gauge.

In conversation with the President of the Moroccan medium Hespress the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF in about the soap around the most talked about Player of the Moroccan national team, Hakim Ziyech. Soon after the announcement of the squad for the games against Orange and Cameroon placed the Telegraph a controversial article about the fact that Ziyech this foolhardy invitation would have laid aside.

This figured out the President of the League, Faouzi Lekjaa, no time and he called the player in question itself on. In the interview with little loose about what Ziyech let Lekjaa Hespress well informed or not about his presence next week at the Lions v/d Atlas, it is clear that the Federal President has presented him a choice. If you refuse, or are not present there would be whole different consequences can hang. This leaves Lekjaa open by the interview with: ' he is invited and we assume that he will sign after 25 may in Agadir. It doesn't do, then that is its own responsibility. Then we will follow other avenues to resolve this problem. '

[video = youtube; HGQ0lTvzGGQ] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = HGQ0lTvzGGQ [/video]

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