Four Customs officers port Tangiers on hold

Four Customs officers may be less this summer period in the port of Tangier.

With the summer season approaching and grabbed the Directorate of customs in Tangier, known now is that there are four employees have been put on hold. According to the Moroccan medium would Le360 2 employees to inadmissibly have worn opposite a holidaymaker, talks about a violent and disproportionate approach.

Yet another Customs officer would have been involved in a serious traffic accident in which an elderly man badly injured would be hit. He has since been locked and is waiting for his trial.

The last employee would instantly have been involved in the deliberate passage of prohibited where an audit. On the basis of one knew the camera images on customs officer. It is not the first time that the Customs Directorate has to intervene when it comes to disciplinary abuses among its own staff.