Noteworthy: ' the Cannabric ' in Morocco, bricks made of cannabis

You'd be there but in live, a House whose bricks are made partially of cannabis.

The German architect Monika Brumer has recently initiated a crowd-fundingsactie on a very remarkable plan. She is there behind how you can manufacture bricks which partly from cannabis exist. In terms of construction they would need to have the same strength as an ordinary brick. The wife did her story in front of the Moroccan medium L'Economiste.

She hopes, if there are enough financial means are available, to actually two houses of those bricks. The plan is to have two houses of around 80 square metres to be built in the village of Fir Taghourt, located in the central part of the Rif Mountains.

In Spain one would already have started this remarkable project, what is known is that houses are still rechtovereind.

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