NATO joins coalition against Daesh

NATO is a member of the coalition that in Syria and Iraq fights against the terror movement Daesh.

That have the 28 Member States Wednesday decided. The decision at the NATO Summit in Brussels today will be ratified by the heads of Government, concerned diplomats reported.

At the US-led coalition are more than sixty countries, including all NATO Member States. The accession of NATO as an organisation is seen mainly as a symbolic step in Europe.

Germany and France, among other things, there are actually not so, because the military alliance on self defense. But because the US president Trump wants more active NATO against terrorism occur, they have abandoned their opposition. They want Trump not leave empty-handed, says a source.

NATO-chef Jens Stoltenberg said earlier in the day that a combat role for the Alliance is not an issue. He sees a more practical, coordinating role for NATO. Daesh claimed in the light of the attack in Manchester is joining the Coalition a "strong and clear message" of unity against terrorism, said Stoltenberg.

Minster Koenders said Tuesday in a parliamentary debate that the step above all symbolic, and would have no military significance. According to follow him no new obligations, but it can get "economies of scale".

Netherlands has previously used for the anti-Daesh F16s-coalition and offers for later this year a tanker and transport aircraft. Dutch soldiers also train troops in Iraq.