French company dumps waste water next to Hassan II mosque in Casablanca (video)

A video showing that it is in Casablanca-based French waste management company Lydec waste water in the sea next to the Hassan II mosque dumps.

The Moroccan news site Hepress published the video, showing that the dumping of waste water takes place.

According to the news site was a wastewater treatment station where the waste water could be completed only half a kilometre from the dump site.

Fishermen who fish complained in the same spot all over the pollution of the area, blessed that a stinky smell.  They called the drainage of the wastewater by Lydec "irresponsible".

A representative of Lydec promised that such dumping will take place, but again not justified Meanwhile called the dump by an accumulation of waste in the sewerage system.

[video = youtube; uSvYTxcLssI] v = uSvYTxcLssI [/video]