Man arrested that woman kidnapped and raped in sale

The research and intervention group ' GRI ', under the direction of the judicial police of Salé, an individual arrested for his alleged involvement in the abduction and rape of a woman in which he dangerous dogs to the woman to let obey.

The accused, who already had a long criminal record, offered much resistance against the arrest and had 2 of his dangerous dogs loose on the police, reported the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) by means of a statement.

The police were forced to use their service weapons and five bullets to fire at the dangerous dogs. The suspect tried to escape through the terraces of the neighbouring houses and apartments, but after a short pursuit in a nearby house handcuffed. The operation led to the arrest of five other people, including two girls, who at the time of the police intervention in the House of the suspect.

During the operation, there are also a cutter and two large knives seized. There is a judicial investigation opened under the supervision of the Prosecutor gives the same source.