Medina Bike, Africa's first part-bike service now launched in Marrakech

In Europe and other parts of the world is already a household name. In Africa, one in Morocco and the first of the popular ' green ' service.

With over 5000 users and 3000 bikes at 10 different locations in Marrakech's Medina Bike almost become a household name in the tourist town. Where one initially thought the service would be especially popular with tourists, it now appears that the local population also has an ear to the bicycle as a temporary means of transport.

The CEO of Medina El Hakym Bike, Lebna, calls the prices that her company uses: 50 dirham for a day ticket and only 500 dirham for a year subscription.

Having regard to the green policy what the Moroccan Government is more and more want to radiate Medina Bike supported and encouraged. Because electric cars because of the climate less long lifespan, this is an ideal solution to the environmental targets to be met.

These bikes will certainly remain in Morocco until 2021. The parent company behind the service, Smoove, hopes to be able to expand further in Africa in countries such as Kenya, South Africa and the Ivory Coast.

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