The Islamic Solidarity Games in 2017, what are they exactly?

They are just drawing to a close, and Morocco was also this edition of the party.

The last edition of the Islamic Solidarity Games was held in the Azerbaijani Baku. Where it primarily serves as an international sporting event, the role of an even deeper meaning. To this edition did no less than 54 different countries, all with a fairly large Islamic population.

The event takes place every 4 years and is organized by the the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation that in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). The Organization stresses for years the degree of solidarity that the games must radiate, with more than 20 different sports and the theme is to strengthen the interconnectedness.

In the closing ceremony was this ideal once again stressed, it was an act set up with no less than 1500 participants.

The next games take place in 2021, as I have said Turkey is than the host country. Over all Morocco won a total of 27 gold medals taken editions, this edition there were 7 brought home.

islamic solidarity games