King Mohammed VI attended opening renovated madrassas in Fez

Also the Qarawiyin library Already got a facelift; the world's oldest still open library.

Fez has a very rich history in the area of engineering, however, was for a number of madrassas, the time is ripe to renovate. This renewed madrassas offer place for as many as 105 students in deeper doctrine, Islamic calligraphy and full languages studies (English, French, Hebrew, Greek and Latin).

These madrassas are part of a larger initiative supported by the Government to protect the youth of extremism. The Minister of Islamic Affairs who, like King Mohammed VI also at the reopening was says the following about this Madrassas: "graduates of this training will help the Moroccan population to protect themselves from extremist influences".

At the reopening were also members of the UNESCO. The renovation took about 3 years to complete and cost more than 43 million dirham. After the ceremony the King still took the time to take a walk through the medina of the city.

mohammed vi