Ziyech keeps presence at Morocco open after Europa League final (video)

Going on holiday or to Agadir to join the Moroccan national football team?

The Moroccan national football team seems more and more in the last few months the sign of whether or not the presence of only one man, Hakim Ziyech. The 9-times international was after long time ignored last week still called by Federal coach Hervé Renard.

Shortly after the announcement of the selection came the Telegraph with the remarkable message that Ziyech this invitation would have laid aside. This was shortly after more or less refuted by the President of the Moroccan Football Federation Faouazi Lekjaa.

He would after the notice of the associated press have called on Ziyech immediately. In an interview with Ziyech said he also left open or Hespress may or may not be present in Agadir for the duels with orange and Cameroon.

Last night was the Ajax midfielder despite the deception (ed. 0-2 loss in Europe League final) also beIN Sports. At the end of the interview asked the reporter or the holiday started now is for Ziyech, this gave affirmative answer.

Check below the clip of the interview with beIN Sports:

[video = youtube; XNxFA8ALLHI] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = XNxFA8ALLHI & feature = youtu. be [/video]

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNxFA8ALLHI&feature=youtu.be