Stopped again Trump's travel ban

A us Court for appeal, the modified version of the travel ban for people from certain Muslim countries of president Trump stopped.

According to the Court in the city of Richmond is the prohibition of discrimination on the basis of religion, according to us media Wednesday.

The American president Trump had the first version of his "travel ban" modified as provided by another court also was stopped. Trump then decided not to go on to the Supreme Court but the ban.

The Court in Richmond covered an appeal against a ruling of a lower court in Maryland that stopped the revised version. The head judge in Richmond stated that the Decree of Trump "vague words" contained about national security but "dripping from the religious intolerance, animosity and discrimination".

The case is now likely to the highest court of the United States, the Supreme Court.

Trump wants because of national security enter a travel ban for 90 days for people from Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. At that time the US Government wants a stricter control on visas.

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